Cleaning up Spills: Fast Response is Critical

Spills at your business are inevitable, especially if your industry handles oil, chemicals, or other similar products. How you and your employees respond to those spills is critical and makes a difference in expensive repair and peace of mind. Left unattended, spills increase the risk of slips and falls and their injuries, damaged floors, machines and fixtures and otherwise cause headaches and repairs.

Quick Clean-up Protection

When there is a spill at your business, clean it quickly. It’s the simple solution that prevents the potential problems you’d otherwise experience. Several different remediation products are available to help remove oil and other chemicals that stain the floor and that aren’t so easy to clean. These products eliminate worry as well.

Supplies on Hand

You should purchase these custodial supplies ahead of spills and ensure they’re easily accessible at your business at all times. Minutes matter when chemicals and oils spill onto the floor. Easy access to these items ensures that your business doesn’t sustain more damage than necessary.

Rags, Rags and More Rags

custodial supplies

Be sure that you have a large supply of cleaning rags on hand to clean up those messes in a snap and avoid a lot of headaches. The rags are inexpensive and ensure that you always have something available to clean those messes. The rags work on doors, tables, chairs, machines, and other fixtures within your business. And, there are several different styles of rags available so you can ensure no mess is too much to handle.


Spills happen at a business, more in some industries than others.  The spills can ruin your business and cost a lot of money if you aren’t ready to clean them quickly. Prepare ahead of time for spills and protecting the fixtures, expensive machines, floors, etc. at your business is much easier.