Does Direct Mail and Print Advertising Have a Place in the Future?

Anyone involved in business knows the importance of advertising. It is how you get more potential customers, how you make people aware your business exists. In the past, advertising was all about physical advertising.

Nowadays, advertising has grown in huge ways in the digital and online space, leaving many business owners and marketers wondering if print advertising and direct mail campaigns have a place in their advertising strategies for the future.

print and mail

What Does the Future of Physical Advertising Look Like?

Here are some of the great things to keep in mind about print and mail advertising, now and into the future.

·    Personalize the experience with print and direct mail campaigns

You can send almost anything you want through the mail, and you can really personalize the experience for potential customers opening their mailbox. It could be something as simple as a letter letting folks know about sales and specials, or something highly customized like a postcard.

·    There is plenty of access to personal data for marketers these days

Keeping the last point in mind, marketers now have more data than ever about potential customers. Using digital tools, you can learn nearly anything about people, like where they hang out, what they like to do, their interests, even what political party they identify with. Knowing this kind of data about potential customers can be a great way to personalize the marketing experience even further, making them feel like your message really is just for them.

·    Integrate your print and digital campaigns for maximum results

The rise of digital marketing doesn’t mean the death of physical marketing. In fact, the two can be integrated for the best results. For example, you could use social media to get a lead, valuable information like a name or address, and then follow that up with customized direct mail.

Print marketing is nowhere near dead, and it will have a place in the future of marketing for years to come. From the easy accessibility to personal data available nowadays to the many ways you can make a message personal to every customer,  being creative with print marketing is still one way to really set yourself apart from all of the other brands people see every day.