Gender-Neutral Gifts for Babies

Do you know someone that is due for a child or has recently given birth? If so, you’ve likely been considering what gifts to give them for their baby shower, homecoming, or the child’s first birthday. In any occasion, a gender-neutral baby gift is the safest way to go. Gender neutral gifts don’t enforce stereotypes on children and can be regifted or handed down to boys and girls. Let’s look at 3 great gender-neutral presents for babies.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are excellent gender neutral baby gifts because they can be very diverse. You can customize baskets and make them include things for the baby, such as blankets, baby foods, burp cloths, stuffed animals, bibs, pampers, and more. Parents can also be included in the basket, as contents could include jerky, snacks, juices, coffee, candy, cleaning supplies, and more. If you want to tailor the gift to a specific family, you can make sure that your basket includes something for every household member.


Bodysuits for babies come in many different colors, so you can choose gender neutral items for friends and loved ones with no trouble. Newborns are typically dressed in baby bodysuits due to how easy they make changing diapers, so parents will appreciate a cute bodysuit. Typical gender-neutral colors include grey, white, tan, and red. Black, orange, and yellow are also good colors that don’t suggest a specific gender. They can also include images of animals, toys, cartoon characters, fun phrases, and more.

gender neutral baby gifts

Choosing gifts for babies is arguably easier than choosing gifts for adults, but it can still be a difficult task. Bibs, gift baskets, and bodysuits are all gifts that new parents will appreciate, so don’t be afraid to browse the baby section and shop for baby shower gifts.