Tips For Printing On Flexible Material

The process of printing is a way to take information, images and other content and apply it to a specific material for permanent purposes.  When it comes to printing different tools and equipment can be used.  One such item is known as doctor blades for flexo printing.  These blades will allow you to print on a wide range of flexible material.

Make sure you are lined up

One of the biggest headaches you can have with printing on anything is to make sure that it is lined up and secure.  When working on flexible materials such as vinyl you want to be able to work on the material without fear of shifting and getting caught up.  If you are printing on this material and something happens, the entire process can be ruined.

Make sure your printing medium fluid

You want to make sure that your print medium is fluid.  This means that there are no lumps, tears or other issues that may result in getting bubbles, smears and other imperfections in the final print.  You also want to look at the material you are printing on and ensure there are no tears, rips or imperfections that could cause problems.

Do test runs

Never run a full run cold.  You want to start by doing a small run first to ensure that you will receive consistent results.  In most cases you won’t have any issues with your prints but there may be times when materials will shift, the machine will glitch and more.  You really don’t want to do massive runs without knowing it will work.

Take your time

doctor blades for flexo printing

When it comes to printing you want to take your time.  If you rush you will overlook some key details and as such you could end up with bad prints.  Time is money and mistakes can cost you a lot.