Why Would You Need To Get A Tooth Pulled?

Our teeth are very important to us in many ways.  They allow us to eat, we can use them to improve our looks and so much more.  When we have healthy teeth, then they are shiny and a pleasure to have.  However, when we have an issue with our teeth such as a chipped tooth, swollen gums or something else, all we want to do is have the pain go away.  If you find yourself in this situation, molar extraction yakima could be the solution to your problem. 

Crowded Mouth

There are times when our teeth just simply get away from us.  In this situation we have a condition known as crowded mouth.  With this condition our teeth grow bigger and, in more numbers, than normal.  If this condition persists you could end up with a very painful mouth.


Probably the number one reason why you will want to get a tooth pulled is because of infections.  When we look at our mouth, we are working with a bacterium filled haven that is prone to infections.  This is why dentists tell you to brush and floss on a daily basis.  When we brush, we remove these particles and infections are not going to be able to grow.

After surgery

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After surgery it is very important that you keep your mouth clean.  If you eat or drink anything you will want to brush your teeth, use mouthwash and do whatever you can to help prevent infection from setting in.  When you get your tooth pulled you will have a gap or pocket in your gums that needs to heal.  If you don’t allow it to heal properly then infections can set in.

Don’t drink with a straw

The dentist will tell you not to drink with a straw after surgery.  This can help increase the pocket in your gums.  You will also want to monitor any pain killers and other medications that the doctor has given you.  There will be pain that you need to deal with.  Try to find natural remedies if at all possible.  The pain will pass.